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SmugMug is a paid image sharing, image hosting service, and online video platform on which users can upload photos and videos. The company also facilitates the sale of digital and print media for amateur and professional photographers. On April 20, 2018, SmugMug purchased Flickr from Oath Inc.

Peter B, an angry user from SITEJABBER, wrote in December 2019 a bad review about SmugMug:

"Plain and simple, they are thieves. They advertise one thing, you buy it, get used to using it then they "update" removing some of the key features which were selling points that helped you make your decision. When you contact their support Heros, they just say, sorry it's changed we are aware and we don't know when or if it will be back but here's a long-winded way of doing it and no you can't have a percentage of the extortionate amount of money you pay for the service back."


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Marc Voorhees says

"SmugMug has the absolute worst delivery services....afflicted by being both extremely slow and EXTREMELY expensive. Placed an order for one 8x10....and I paid for the very expensive 1-day service...and 5 days later, and I am still waiting. If you have a specific deadline, I strongly suggest you look elsewhere for a more reliable service and certainly one that is more cost effective."

Ralph Kent says

"From a customer's perspective the UX / UI is very clunky - thumbnails don't zoom when you get to the shopping basket so you're not sure if you are selecting exactly the image you wan to buy. Cumbersome to switch between formats (physical to digital, different sizes, etc). Feels like a website that might have been good in about 2005 or so, now seriously outdated and needs a big investment in updating it. The P&P charges are an absolute rip-off and a joke - £3.59 to post 2 6x4 photos? Come off it, when you're charging what you're charging for the images, the least you can do is not try to fleece customers for another few quid by artificially inflating the postage charge to a cynical level."

David Arianik says

"Too expensive, as a photographer I have tried most sites. But this one is really expensive."

fienolo bodhi says

"The internet space for professional digital imaging has become amorphous and so Smugmug is no longer head and shoulder above the rest as they used to be 8-10 years ago." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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